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Merchants & Farmers Bank is making your banking easier by offering unique value-added access to your bank accountsDigital Wallets (Apple/Android Pay).

How does it work?  It's simple, just look for the symbol to use your Digital Wallet and wave your phone or other NFC-capable device near the contactless reader to make a purchase.

To get started—
Open the built-in Wallet App and add your Merchants & Farmers debit card to your Apple or Android device and start making purchases—in-store, within apps and on the web.  Apple and Android Pay is accepted in most grocery stores, boutiques, restaurants, hotels and many popular retailers and nonprofits across the nation.  It can also be used in all kinds of apps—and on participating websites using Safari on your Mac, iPhone, Apple watch or Samsung phone.

Merchants & Farmers Digital Wallets gives you a piece of mind you can't put a price on—plus, it's secure and private!